Nutrition & Dietetics

At Proactive Life we are extremely passionate about healthy eating!

Rather than fad diets we are more about eating as nature intended. The food we consume plays such a vital role in determining the health of our entire being; spiritually, mentally and physically- how we approach and perform each day is impacted by what we choose to put into our bodies. Nature offers us an abundance of beautiful gifts that can nurture and heal our bodies in the most profound ways, we seek to inspire people to simplify their lives by going back to what Mother Nature has provided for us.


Healthy eating is an essential component of you feeling your best in both the short and long term. Along with being physically active, a wholesome diet is the foundation of maintaining a healthy strong body as well as assisting in preventing chronic disease.

What is Dietetics?

Accredited dietitians specialise in using diet interventions to treat a range of medical conditions to help maximize your nutritional health and wellbeing. Through consultation considering both personal and medical circumstances a dietitian will develop eating plans to suit you as an individual. Most importantly, they can help translate complicated nutrition terms to allow you to have a good understanding about the link between the food we eat and our health outcomes.

An Accredited dietitian undertakes a four-year University degree specialising in in prescribing individualised dietary treatments. The Proactive Life dietitian is registered with the Dietitians Association of Australia.

A dietitian is qualified nutrition professional that works closely with you to improve your nutrition and support you to manage a range of health conditions including:

·      Obesity

·      Weight gain

·      Gastro Intestinal concerns (constipation/diarrhoea/bloating) 

·      Coeliac disease

·      Diverticulosis

·      Diabetes

·      Cardiovascular disease (including blood pressure and cholesterol)

·      Mental health conditions

Most importantly, you need to be open to change if you are expecting different results. We will help you one step at a time to create new, healthy food habits you can maintain for life!

Contact us today by phone, email or simply submit an enquiry form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you with a plan to suit your needs.