Are you PROACTIVE or REACTIVE with your health?

Regular massage is an excellent way to maintain good function throughout your body and help prevent dysfunction escalating into pain. We offer a variety of massage treatments including remedial and relaxation. For clients already exercising with us, it is a great way for us to work holistically with your body- your massage therapist provides your Personal Trainer or Exercise Physiologist with feedback so your exercise becomes more tailored to what you need to rebalance your body.

treatment options


30 min treatment                               $55

45 min treatment                               $65

60 min treatment                               $80

90min treatment                                $125


Remedial massage

Remedial massage focuses on specific problematic areas in the body to unwind the compensations resulting from poor or altered biomechanics. It is very effective in treating soft tissue injuries, tendonitis, headaches, back pain and many more conditions.

Sports massage

Whether you're a weekend park runner or a seasoned athlete, sports massage can help you improve your recovery and enhance your sports performance! This is a whole body massage designed to loosen and lengthen your muscles and help you move more efficiently.

Relaxation massage

It's the thing that none of us do enough of.... stop, take a breath, and switch off. What better way to do that than to close your eyes, take the weight off your feet and let our therapists work their magic loosening your tight, heavy muscles and allowing your body some precious recovery.

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