Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Proactive Life?

Just complete the enquiry form below, email or phone 5491 9941. Our reception hours are Monday/Wednesday 8.30am-12pm, and Thursdays 2-5pm. Our reception isn't open for the whole day as we are often with clients but if you leave your name and contact number we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours to arrange for you to come in for a no obligations chat.

Why go to Proactive rather than a big gym?

We are a private studio and not open to the general public which means we can control the sort of people we let into our exercise area- no posers or 'meat-heads' in sight in our studio! This means we have a very comfortable, friendly atmosphere to train in. 

How private are my sessions?

There will only ever be a maximum of 5 people in the studio at one time; two instructors and up to three clients (some of our clients like to do 'partner training' so you may see people training as a two with their instructor). However if you are booking a session in the middle of the day you may find you are quite often in there with just your trainer.

What times of day are sessions available?

This depends on whether you are booking in with our Exercise Physiologist or one of our Personal Trainers- we all work slightly different hours but there are generally session times available between 6am and 6pm Monday-Friday.

Can I just pop in any time to workout?

No- our insurance doesn't allow this, we are not a gym. You can only workout at the studio if you are with your instructor, or attending one of our small group exercise classes.

Are there any lock-in contracts or expensive memberships?

No- we hate those too and we certainly wouldn't force them on you! Many of the big fitness centres oversell annual memberships by at least 30% because they know that some people will have stopped going within just 12 weeks of joining! (this is from direct experience working in the membership team!) That's not us- we are not here for the money, believe me we would have stayed in our previous jobs! We're here because we genuinely love what we do, helping people become more active and reach their health goals.

Will I get big muscles if I work out with you?

Only if that's what your goal was! This is where we would use a specific type of training called 'hypertrophy' where the aim is to increase muscle mass. Otherwise we are much more focused on what we call 'functional strength'- improving your ability to the do the things you need/want to be doing in everyday life. For some of our clients this is getting out of a chair easier, climbing stairs at home without having to stop several times. For other clients this may be helping them outrun criminals, control a fire hose, or tick something off their bucket list like climbing Mt Kilimanjaro!  'Functional' depends on the individual.

Why do my muscles hurt after my first 2-3 sessions?

This is perfectly normal and is what is known as 'DOMS' in the health industry, standing for 'delayed onset of muscle soreness'. This is different for everyone and really depends on your exercise history and what you have most recently been used to before starting with us. It is not a goal of ours to make you sore- it is however likely to occur as a side-effect of getting some muscles working that may not have worked in a while! Most importantly to remember is that our sessions are very progressive and they are tailored to you- the body needs time to adapt.

How can I pay for my sessions/treatments?

You can pay by EFTPOS, HICAPS or cash at our clinic.

Can I get a health fund rebate?

For some services- yes, depending on your level of cover. Generally most health funds will rebate for Exercise Physiology and Remedial Massage. Not many will contribute to Personal Training, however some funds will pay towards group exercise classes (Teachers Health Union is one we know of) and it's always worth asking your fund directly.

What happens if I can’t make it to my session?

We do have a 24-hour cancellation policy which we ask you to respect. Our session times are in high demand so if we have reserved a slot for you it means it hasn't been available to someone else. There is also another very good reason for this - accountability! Let's be honest, no one likes losing money and this does seem to help increase motivation to attend sessions. The full session fee will be required if you fail to meet this.

How often can I work out?

We will give you some guidance on this when you start depending on your exercise and medical history. Most importantly your exercise plan needs to be progressive to allow not just the muscles to adapt to an increase or change in training, but also the other connective tissue in the body such as the tendons and ligaments. This is essential in avoiding injuries. We generally suggest a combination of activities including resistance training (i.e with us or in the group classes) and cardiovascular exercise such as walking, swimming or cycling. But the increase in volume should occur gradually.

How do I book in for group classes?

Contact us using the enquiry form below or phone 07 5491 9941 and leave your name and number and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do I need to be super fit to join group classes?

No- but if you are completely new to exercise or you haven't been doing resistance training for a while we may recommend you start with our 'Core + Posture' class to ease your body into it.